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The project is a landscape planning project located in the hometown of the noted late Chinese painter Feng Zikai. The project site is also situated opposite the newly built school, which quietly exudes the spirit of the school and echoes the spatial spirit of the project. Cleverly, the design team researched the artist through the community and found that for the local people, Feng’s works are accessible and understandable to the general public. The main idea of the artist's work is "to harmonize with the public,” so the design team has extracted this concept into the project to create a space with warmth and texture. For the project’s exterior, the designer has utilized white quartz tiles with faux wood grain as the main configuration, combined with black and white marble and black titanium stainless steel to create a modern minimalist style. A Quercus Nuttal forest is placed, which connects with the native greenery outside and produces a tranquil and peaceful space with the addition of warm greenery. Other than that, a gold titanium-plated stainless-steel installation is placed in the area to brighten the visual and spatial impression. The reading gesture of the installation art dolls embodies the image of tirelessness. The design team hopes to give the visitors a feeling of sedimentation rather than mere excitement. Therefore, the lighting is properly used to make changes, using simple lines and imperceptible gradient effects, so that the light glow and shadows flow in the environment, making people walking on the promenade feel the beauty of frozen time. During the design process of this project, the design team has constantly pondered back and forth between functionality and aesthetics, spatial attributes, and commercial value.

Golden Arch Design Award Winner '22 in Architectural Design Category

Photo Credits: Prism Landscape Photography, 2022 Copyrights: NCD Studio, 2022 Source:


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