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House of Leaf Veins - Designed by JANHAU Design

The name of the project, "House of Leaf Veins", comes from the relationship between the space and its users. The project uses phototropism as a metaphor for the relationship between people and space. The leaves grow vertically upwards, just like the design concept. The designer uses many lines and extended imagery to create the image of plants facing the sunlight. When family members are indoors, they can feel the sunlight filling the space evenly.

The narrow base is only lit on the narrow side, so there was a disadvantage of insufficient lighting in the middle section. The project is designed with a transparent glass box on the top floor to enhance the lighting of the lower floors, and the penetrating staircase allows light to extend deeper into the interior. Finally, the light color scheme allows the space to visually blend with daylight, effectively amplifying the spaciousness.

Golden Arch Design Award Winner '23 in Interior Design Category Photo Credits: JANHAU Design


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