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Residential Buildings - Designed by TOMASZ GURGUL / STANDART ARCHITEKCI

The buildings were built a few years ago and were designed as single-family buildings with two apartments. The development is located in a district of Krakow dominated by single-family houses and lots of greenery.

There is one apartment on the ground floor and another on the first floor. Partially there is a garage on the underground floor. Communication inside the building is through a staircase that leads to two apartments and a garage.

The buildings have a minimalist character with the dominant white color in the facades. There are terraces on the roofs. The buildings are designed to optimize energy consumption. Rainwater tanks and photovoltaic panels were used. Local materials of ceramic hollow bricks and concrete were used for the construction of the buildings.

Golden Arch Design Award Winner '23 in Architectural Design Category Photo Credits: TOMASZ GURGUL



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