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Monte do Olival - Designed by Atelier Ligia Casanova

The essence of the project is to provide a peaceful place where people can rest for a few days from their stressful lives, where there is simplicity, comfort and good energy.

This project is located in a typical "monte alentejano" near Comporta, the landscape is very beautiful and when you are in the infinity pool you can contemplate the stunning Alentejo landscape, it was in its colors that we were inspired to do this project. We were careful to recreate the spirit and soul of the Alentejo, we placed typical objects such as cow bells, buckles and old keys very connected to this area of horses and cows.

The furniture is simple and made of pine wood with a very handmade look, the bedspreads and pillows are handmade, the lamps and rugs remind us of the straw of the Alentejo hills, which makes us breathe calm inside these houses, bringing us a sense of peace and tranquility.

Our motto is 'to make room for happiness' but in this case we can also apply our motto, there is beauty in simplicity.

Golden Arch Design Award Winner '22

in Interior Design Category Photo Credits: Bruno Barbosa, 2021

Copyrights: Ligia Casanova/Atelier Ligia Casanova Source:


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