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Monc - Small Retail Interior of the Year 2022.

The project is the brand's first store. The design is both mindful of the initial short-term lease, and also multifunctional to enable the brand to diversify its offering.

It was created as a flexible space to adapt from a shop by day to hosting events in the evening, with main elements transferable to a future site. Every element was scrutinised to meet high sustainability criteria – circularity was key, with almost everything brought into the building entirely bio-based or recycled. The furniture is expertly built to last, but can disassemble for re-use, recycling, or return to the earth as nourishment, while materials used include mycelium, cornstarch foam, bio-acetate and recycled plastic.

Judges comments: "This project demonstrates integrity between the finishes used and the product they are selling. It is a very well executed retail interior with encouraging use of sustainable materials."

Designer: Nina+Co

Project: Monc Source:

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