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Illuminated River

Winner: Architectural lighting design of the year 2022. Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands, Leo Villareal and Atelier Ten have designed Illuminated River, which is large-scale public art installation.

Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands and Leo Villareal have created a scheme for a public art commission in celebration of London's river bridges.

This remarkable large-scale public art commission celebrates the architecture and heritage of the Thames bridges as significant and often under-appreciated social and historic landmarks.

The Thames at night has the potential to be magical. Working with New York-based artist Leo Villareal, the scheme uses innovative lighting and controls to create a public artwork that illuminates nine bridges and enhances the landscape over a six-mile stretch of the river in central London.

The artwork draws on the natural and social activity of the embankments and the kinetic energy of the water encompassing barges, boats, cars, pedestrians, trains, and rising and falling tides.

Judges comments: "The Illuminated River lighting design for the Thames is the project that is most generous for the public, illuminating where we work and live. The design brings the theatre of lighting to the everyday."

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