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House of The Three Blues - Designed by OPTA ARQUITECTOS

“The House of the 3 Blues”

The project consists in a family beach house next to the sea in the south of Spain. It’s located in a small, triangular and steep plot that offers great sea views. Therefore, the house opens to the views, but protects itself from the local strong sun. The “3 Blues” (pool, sea and sky) become a big canvas which is present in all its floors and whose tones change constantly during the day.

The main characteristics of this design are:

- House with sea views from all its floors.

- Integration in the local surroundings: White walls and fragmented volumes.

- Its rounded corners and shapes remind of traditional Andalusian architecture.

- The cantilevered terraces and porches protect wide glazings from the strong sun and offer outdoor covered spaces to enjoy the local climate.

- Energy saving design with passive elements such as high insulation facades, crossed natural ventilation, etc.

- Seismic-proof reinforced concrete structure.

- Warm and cozy interiors with ceramic flooring, white walls and wood panels that combine with the blue tones of the sky and sea canvas.

Golden Arch Design Award Winner '22 in Architectural Design Category Photo Credits: Ana Mora 2021

Copyrights: OPTA ARQUITECTOS SLP Source:


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