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HEIMAT Los Angeles - fitness club - Designed by

The HEIMAT concept connects values ​​with the senses. People should act in the spirit of intergenerational justice, deal sustainably and considerately with nature and resources. Balancing the relationship between urbanity and nature, going back to the source where man is part of nature again.

The harmony of man and nature is based on appreciation and respectful interaction. Materials are valuable, unique, sustainable. The complete and meaningful handling, recycling and upcycling is part of the meaningful, valuable utilization of resources. Example tree: trunk (tabletop), branches (furniture), roots (art), leaves (wallpaper), bark (floor). The uniqueness of the HEIMAT is reflected in the materials and their processing. Craftsmanship makes this value visible in many ways. Freedom is lived out and demonstrated in all art forms. It doesn't need reality or specific norms. It is a pure form of freedom and thus an essential part of the spatial concept of the HEIMAT. Works of art are therefore central elements of the room concepts – they symbolize informality and a sense of freedom. But also for freedom of expression and diversity of opinion.

The interior concept by shows this multi-sensual approach to dealing with resources and their appreciation. It's about the materials and their uniqueness, the appreciation of originality through to craftsmanship and combinations, with a thoughtful, holistic approach and the sense of freedom of art. This brings the visitor back to the origin and provenance. The core is nature and the elements that make up everything - the immediate state - HEIMAT.

Golden Arch Design Award Winner '22

in Interior Design Category Photo Credits: RSG, 2022

Copyrights: Groeschel / Source:


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