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Grand Yoho - Designed Eric Yau / HplusM Design

Owed by an ecological photographer, the occupants of this 632-square-foot apartment in Yuen Long's Grand YOHOdevelopment wanted to transform their property into an elegant yet modern home that made the most of the limited floor space.

Given the flat is small, they enlisted professional help from our team. In order to maximize the use of available space, We immediately set about converting the three-bedroom unit into a one-bedroom abode, opening up the entire floor plan. The designer also took into account the distribution and fluidity of each different space, extending the entrance to the dining room and onto the lounge, to make the place bigger.

This helped address the owner's key requirements including a larger sense of space, more storage, a cloakroom, a computer room gaming, and a workspace.

Featuring an understated yet luxurious contemporary style, the main living area feels spacious and inviting due to the rich choice of materials. The floor has been decked out with sumptuous white marble, while a stunning feature wall on the far side of the

room creates texture.

A plush grey leather sofa overlooks a vast flatscreen TV, and a small reading area has been created thanks to a pair of cream armchairs. Because the room is an unusual space, the flow of energy has been channeled toward the Hoorto-ceiling windows and balcony overlooking Yuen Long.

Golden Arch Design Award Winner '23 in Interior Design Category Photo Credits: Dick, 2022

Copyrights: Eric Yau, 2022 Source:


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