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Interview with Sy Lyng

What made you decide to become a designer?

When I realised design is an endless deep sea to be explored. Can you tell us more about your design background? Trained as an architect at the Cooper Union. Worked for firms in US, China and Singapore including Shigeru Ban Architects and SOM New York. Currently running my own practice OWMF Architecture and teaching at the National University of Singapore.

How do you stay inspired and keep coming up with creative ideas? Consistently learning and formulating new thoughts on architecture through research and teaching. Apply new thoughts when the right built project comes along.

What does good design mean to you? According to my tutor Lebbeus Woods, there are two types of great projects

1) Projects that reach a conclusion or an end

2) Projects that open up new possibilities or a beginning

Projects of conclusion achieve the highest refinement and execution of an idea while projects of new beginning creates a new critical idea for the discipline.

What is the most challenging thing in your profession? Expanding the comfort zone of the clients and builders.

Please, explain the best project you are most proud of and why. Space House. The house is spatially unique and technically challenging- it is not just a simple box- yet it is totally functional.

What is your biggest design career moment? How does this milestone impact your career? Built Space House and wrote a thesis on architecture

How do you learn and grow your knowledge and design skills? Consciously setting aside time to do research and generating educational contents.

What would you say will be future of design? Creating heterogenous space using simple structures. What are your career plans for the future? To get a critical work of new beginning built.

Where can people find your projects and get in touch with you?


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