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Interview with Lely Guo

What made you decide to become a designer?

Influenced by my family and when I was a child, I was very envious of the picture on the newspaper of a fashionable beauty nestled in a comfortable sofa in a coffee-colored beautiful space. Subconsciously, I have a feeling that I want such a space to be my own home in the future.

Home is a very romantic word, it is a harbor for all people to rest, relax, let down their guard, put all their hobbies, Being with the person you love. When I restore the customer's dream home again and again, I am more determined to realize all their dreams about home for more customers. Can you tell us more about your design background? China's first batch of Soft decoration Design concept designers. Through 20 years of precipitation, Founding the base of fashionable eastern design, we design by quiet, bold, elegant, strong! Led our company——Beautiful Triumph Design from architectural design, garden landscape, interior design, soft decoration Design, engineering construction as one of the diversified design management team, won the industry honors.

How do you stay inspired and keep coming up with creative ideas? First of all, continue to learn excellent cases at home and abroad to keep pace with The Times.

Second, do not leave the retail, consumers are the best teacher. They will tell you what the market is follow up and what is popular.

Third, draw inspiration from all kinds of beautiful things around the world, whether it is tourist resorts, shows, fashion trends, etc., and apply what you have learned to the project through continuous learning and further study. Keep the design high level , enjoy the achievement and happiness brought by the design results.

Finally, relying on the strength of the team, multiple ideas are brought together constantly and repeatedly to discuss and demonstrate until a satisfactory result is found.

What does good design mean to you? In addition to beautifying the environment, good design can make people more pleasant, so that they can constantly modify their own behavior to achieve resonance with the space, which is the power of healing!

What is the most challenging thing in your profession? The most challenging part of the career is constantly breaking through yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, finding a balance between yourself and your customers, and constantly creating works that resonate with The Times. Please, explain the best project you are most proud of and why. Project: TAORANLI A-ORIENTAL ELEGANCE

Reason: This is a breakthrough from 0-1, China at that time there was no soft decoration, no sample room concept, the project not only to achieve a breakthrough in space value, but also to achieve a breakthrough in commercial value, open a new chapter in China's soft decoration design.

What is your biggest design career moment? How does this milestone impact your career? In 1998, entered China's interior design industry, 02 put forward the concept of soft decoration to create the company's soft decoration department, the cognition of design from single to multiple, from personal preferences to continuous realization of commercial value, constantly revise the self-design improvement and cognition, so that the design idea is complete landing, to provide customers with comfortable service and space needs.

How do you learn and grow your knowledge and design skills? From the dimension, I not only focus on the design field, pay attention to all walks of life, keep with The Times. Multi-touch, multi-practice, keep curious and empty cup mentality.

Intellectually, I like to study Chinese aesthetics, and I was the first Chinese designer to create an Oriental concept of fashion.

What would you say will be future of design? The future of design is that people return to the needs of the self, keep pace with technology, intelligence, comfort, convenience and harmony with nature. What are your career plans for the future? Leading the interior design into a new chapter with excellent designers. At the same time, do more pure design works, and give more design and work time to more experience and thinking about life.

Where can people find your projects and get in touch with you? Our programs can be found on our official website

Tel:+86 136-4163-3487;;

WeChat Official Account:Lichi Design

Address:Floor 1, Building C, Jinmao Science Park, No. 50, Lane 2080, Lianhua Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

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