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Interview with Chan Chun Man / ENNE Interior

What made you decide to become a designer?

Since I studied design, I loved hand-sketching the different shapes of buildings, space and furniture. I felt curious about how people arrange the different living patterns for their own space, it makes me rethink the key elements for a good living environment.

Inspired by Master Architect Le Corbusier’s quoted ‘Space and light and order, those are the things that humans need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.’ It inspired me to become an interior designer and offer a quality design experience to satisfy the client's expectation in interior design and experience their living or working environment the same as breathing the fresh air. Can you tell us more about your design background? With 18 years of experience in the Hong Kong interior design industry, I believe that the designer has to integrate academic learning, personal networking and working experiences. Graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Design management, I founded the ENNE Interior - Dream Ticket Workshop Limited in 2017. I strived to transform the innovative design ideas and merge them into real life to enhance the quality of living and working environment.

How do you stay inspired and keep coming up with creative ideas? I stay curious with surroundings in life and environment changes. Also, keeping open-minded to communicate and interact with others, even the clients in different kinds of industries. Reading books, traveling, visiting the design-related exhibitions and trying to inspire some creative ideas to keep pushing new ideas to merge with new design projects.

What does good design mean to you? I believe that a good design can be well executed from design concept to reality products or services. Clients or users can satisfy their expectations and have a sensation of happiness.

What is the most challenging thing in your profession? Challenging happens in every design project, the obstacles come from how to balance the time, cost and quality with different kinds of parties. Furthermore we feel disrespected as clients always expect our professional designs to be without charge. Please, explain the best project you are most proud of and why. I am proud of every awarded project, it has happiness and difficulty, especially the first Silver award-winning ‘’ Artdeco Glamour Cosmetology Centre project‘’ from the Arch design award. In addition, I would like to appreciate the fitting-out contractor with good communication and delivery on time, especially when we are stressful in a covid-19 pandemic.

What is your biggest design career moment? How does this milestone impact your career? Establishing my own business is the biggest design career moment. The change of the role from designer to being a design entrepreneur is totally different than before.

How do you learn and grow your knowledge and design skills? I loved urban sketching. It let me look in-depth at all surroundings and human movement. Also, keeping facing challenges and creating efficient solutions for every design project are good experiences to grow the knowledge and design skills. I believe that enhancing the design skill is a core attitude for designers and focusing on learning design in management as design is a kind of business.

What would you say will be future of design? The future of design has to communicate with intelligent AI. However design is not only to provide a standard style product or service to let people make a choice. It has to create commitment of enhancement, enjoyment of interior space and tailor-made the individual or commercial lifestyle, culture and vision combined with a human-centered design mindset. What are your career plans for the future? Keep the company good in shape and maintain the core value inspires lifestyle to create experiences as a joyful journey, insert sensations value with people interaction and focus on the simplicity of the form of spatial planning, lighting ambience, materials and sublime the details functionality.

Where can people find your projects and get in touch with you? Company Website:

Company Email:

Instagram: dreamtickethk


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