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2023 Y.O. Design Lab Awards

The 2023 Y.O. Design Lab Awards is co-organized by the electric vehicle company XEV ( and the online media platform Underground Art And Design (

XEV is an electric vehicle technology company founded in 2018. XEV believes in making technology work for people worldwide and thrives on being innovative and Inclusive. The distinctive Italian style combined with cutting-edge technology gives the users maximum freedom of movement and expression. XEV Y.O. Design Lab focuses on collaborating with artists worldwide to develop customizable designs for XEV YOYO.

Underground Art And Design (UAAD) is an online media platform & community for emerging artists and designers launched in October 2022 to showcase artwork, raise voices, build connections, discover opportunities, and gain exposure. UAAD has reached a global online audience across 50+ countries in the month of the first issue.


You've probably seen art displays on underground subway trains, but you've certainly not seen an automotive brand that turns a vehicle into a moving art gallery like XEV.

The XEV YOYO is an electric car with a highly customizable exterior part called the Side Blade. Thanks to 3D printing and water transfer printing technologies, we can print your artwork onto the side blade and turn the YOYO into your own personal art show that's visible to all who pass by.

The Y.O. Design Lab Awards is open for entries and will encompass two main categories, including 3D Modeling and 2D Graphic Design, covering a variety of sub-categories, such as but not limited to 3D texture design, embossed design, illustration, graffiti, painting, typography, and more. The Y.O. Design Lab Awards aim to promote and recognize the best 3D & 2D artwork from emerging artists worldwide for the XEV YOYO Side Blade and produce them for a special edition collection.

Prizes And Benefits:

The Y.O. Design Lab Awards offer a total prize fund of $6,350 along with 12 grand prizes and 7 special awards. And we offer the following benefits package for winning artists (please check out our website for more details):

- Be Featured On A Digital Billboard At Times Square: Show your name and work to the 1.5 million daily visitors of Times Square in New York!

- Long-term Exposure On 200+ News Sites: Get featured in our press release on 200 news sites that receive 100 million visitors per month!

- Global Recognition by Professionals: Receive certification and have your work endorsed by leading design and industry experts!

- Production And Display of Your Design: XEV will produce your design and promote it to its global market and will keep displaying your work on the website.

The Y.O. Design Lab Awards has a philanthropic goal to raise funds through this design award to empower more and more emerging artists and designers to achieve their artistic goals, pursue their passions, and create positive social impacts. All entry fees collected and future sales commissions will be placed into a fund to uplift and elevate emerging artists and designers through future non-profit programs.


The Award Jury will be comprised of upper-echelon executives, distinguished experts, and professionals. All jury members have pledged to remain objective and select the winners of the 2023 Y.O. Design Lab Awards solely based on the participants' skills, talent, and expertise in their respective fields.

Lou Tik, the founder of XEV Adva Yogev, the Interior design director at XEV Ian Gray, the Exterior Design Director at XEV Bernadette Carr, the Creative Director/Principal of BCarr Design Xiaofan Jiang, founder of Underground Art And Design. Alifiya Mutaher, design researcher and cultural entrepreneur

We'd love to invite you to this exciting brand collaboration and make YOYO a highly artistic and customizable electric vehicle together. Let the current of creativity pass through every aspect of modern living.

Please see the complete call for entries at Submission Period: 12/15/2022-02/25/2023 Cash Prize Award: $ 6,350.00 USD Source:

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