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Hsiao's Waltz

Designed by

WYN Interior Design


Hsiao's Waltz


Interior Design Category


Taiwan, Hsinchu


WYN Interior Design




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WYN Interior Design


Our team hopes that the first impression of this design work will have many unique characteristics in addition to the warm and comfortable feeling. The first is the porch. The curved titanium-plated iron parts outline the main aesthetic of the space, while the white marble pattern adds a sense of luxury. The walls are made of three kinds of tiles with different reflectivity, such as matte, flat and mirror, and the layers of the main background are stacked under the interactive splicing; the most unique feature is the titanium-plated iron pieces designed by the owner's surname. Next, the dust-falling area decorated with arc-shaped lines comes into view, and the same arc-shaped line lamps are installed on the ceiling, so that the lamps not only have a simple lighting function, but also play the effect of guiding the moving lines. The floor tiles are hexagonal tiles imported from Italy, and they are made of black, white, gray, flower and other four color tiles, from the outside to the inside, embellished with a gradient smudge effect. And the design of the arc angle and the ceiling arc are adopted make the shape and line lights correspond to each other, so that the overall vision pres

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