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b´mine Frankfurt Airport

Designed by

GEPLAN DESIGN Planungsgesellschaft mbH, 2022 | Udo Meinel, 2022


b´mine Frankfurt Airport


Interior Design Category


Frankfurt, Germany


GEPLAN DESIGN Planungsgesellschaft mbH


Team:, 2022 | Udo Meinel, 2022, 2022 | Udo Meinel, 2022, 2022 | Udo Meinel, 2022, 2022 | Udo Meinel, 2022, 2022 | Udo Meinel, 2022

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GEPLAN DESIGN Planungsgesellschaft mbH


Latest mobility concepts make the b´mine Frankfurt Airport unique and distinguish it from the numerous hotels in its surroundings. This is mainly due to CarLift technology. In 40 of 241 rooms – the so-called CarLofts – this technology makes it possible to take one’s own vehicle up to the entrance to the room on the 10th floor. One’s own vehicle can be parked on the private CarLoggia leading to one’s own room, and be charged up directly at the charger for electric cars there. On the event floor on the 11th floor, the CarLift is used as well. Here, it enables the presentation of vehicles and heavy loads in the large meeting rooms, while enjoying the breathtaking view onto skyline and airport. Thus, the CarLoft has a dual use. One floor higher up, in the unique SkyBar, guests are provided with the same unique vista. In the various room types, an “ideal-typical” and unique floor has been realized that manages to create a lot of tranquility and space also in small rooms. In this way it is possible to ensure a sense of generosity and luxury in the SmartRooms with barely 14 sqm. The bathroom is homogeneously designed so that walls, floor and door are made of only one material – artificial stone. In this way unattractive tile joints and passages are avoided. The thin walls, too, which can be made possible only by the use of artificial stone, contribute to the more generous design of the living and sleeping areas. The highlight is the bed: a modernly interpreted alcove providing a very special feel-good ambience. A comfort and relax zone with a comfortable headboard, integrated electrification as well as built-in inductive chargers for mobile phones. Custom-made curtain rails adjusted to the space situation enable guests to easily rearrange the alcove by means of opaque and translucent curtains. The color of the alcoves varies here from a pleasantly cool shade of blue, a natural green, a vitalizing yellow-orange up to an exquisitely dark red hue.

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