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Andrew Shurpenkov, 2022




Interior Design Category


Kyiv, Ukraine




Dmitry Babanin, Aleksandra Maklyakova, Nikita Ryazhko, Boiko Valeriа, Vladislav Matsiura, Vladimir Fil, Alina Pichugina, Sviatoslav Maksiuk


Andrew Shurpenkov, 2022
Andrew Shurpenkov, 2022
Andrew Shurpenkov, 2022
Andrew Shurpenkov, 2022

Andrew Shurpenkov, 2022

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IQOSA, a Kyiv-based design studio from Ukraine, considers the interior as an essential element of personal style and taste. This three-level penthouse is an example of how a dwelling can reflect them.

During this project, we were guided by the idea of finding a visual balance between unexpected, unusual, and classical in terms of forms, materials, and textures. Our task, however, was to make this balance fit the clients’ lifestyle and requirements for the contemporary home, which in the current situation happens to be everything at once: a temple, an office, a party space, and a guest hall.

With each level functioning as a private, social, and working zone, we designed the apartment to support our client’s active lifestyle fully. Not only did we combine the atmosphere of a private house with the look of the modern apartment, but also found a balanced solution of unique, classical, and contemporary.

The result we’ve achieved depended heavily on the project objectives, such as to:

Create a unique design that would highlight the peculiar architecture of space and make it stand out
Ensure the spaciousness of the apartment
Come up with bespoke functional elements
Integrate modern furniture into the classical environment
Include solutions that would make the aesthetics functional
Use smart home systems and responsibly sourced materials to increase the project’s sustainability

Our main challenge was to fit that all into the apartment’s unusual geometry. It influenced the arrangement of the rooms, and we did our best to design each floor just as our clients wanted.

We placed modern furniture against walls with classical moldings and mixed marble with trendy brass, which harmoniously united different styles.
We opted for textured and 3D panels to draw attention to the planning and add volume.
We zoned each floor with walls only in private areas and left social zones mostly open space to ensure the welcoming feel.
Built-in storages, hidden AC

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